And here we go.

Well there isn’t much to say just yet.  I’ve been attempting to develop a Roguelike (What is a Roguelike?) in python using pygame, some knowledge of GIMP, and the ‘RL tileset’ (This) for visuals–for now.  I’ve got some stuff, and it should be up soon.  Maybe keeping a log of what I do will keep me active in putting down some lines of code.  Or it’ll distract me from writing code, either way it keeps me thinking about this.

I haven’t exactly thought of a name, although “Project Graff” is what I’ve been calling it.  ‘Graff Zepplin’ was the sistership to the Hindenburg, if that’s any indication of the life-expectancy of this project.  🙂

For code hosting and such…Eh, google’s going to have something for that, I’m sure.


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