Well at the very least I am going to try and finish a suitable dungeon generation algorithm and use that somehow in a game. The RL tileset could also be interesting, although handmade ones might also work provided I really skimp on animations.

Slimming down as much as possible while still keeping the “go somewhere -> kill stuff -> get xp and loot” idea still ends up turning into something like a Roguelike. = But it’s also not very conducive to a quickly finished project to learn off of.

Working things out in a terminal and then adapting it to pygame has worked decently well for the map algorithms. Why not apply it to stat systems etc? Should also apply ranges to room sizes. The rooms are currently split into sectors, now it has to decide where and how far to shrink the regions into separate rooms. Currently everything looks like a nice grid with even divisions etc.

Monster classes should maybe be rewritten? I looked at the code a while ago but it felt like I had something screwy going on there. Also need a system for determining the order of combat–ie, if 2 monsters enter into the same tile as the player. Ditto for basic collision so they don’t end up on top of eachother. Possibly have tiles have a property of what is on the tile.

Nitpick, but making monster spawns independent of room generation would also be good. Worldmaps: have a list of locations stored away somewhere so that when the playercoords are ontop of there, it jumps into DungeonTest (or impending CityTest or whatever)

Zombies are cool. Left 4 Dead makes me want to do a zombie game. But I’d only make a bad clone of Survival Crisis Z. 😦 Maybe something that generates a large and deep city to play in instead of one big world?


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