Well I think what I’m going to go and do is implement the CA cave algorithm as one of the primary types of maps a player encounters. I figured cities, caves, crypts and whatnot are going to be close to the average assortment of dungeon layouts a player would run across in the wilderness, so I’m working towards basic ASCII map algorithms for those. Making a “city”–more like a village is straightforward as it’s mostly adding non-colliding rooms of varying sizes across the grid, but the annoying part is actually distributing out and constraining things so that it looks somewhat natural.

I hear a fair amount about fractal Brownian noise and how threshholds from it can generate some interesting shapes, maybe I’ll play with those eventually. But maybe I should also start looking into player equipment and such, too. =\

And speaking of player equipment, visuals relating to it have been basically hardcoded in. Here’s a picture:
[just a quick note, I changed where my screenshots are hosted (click the screenshots tab up top), so this picture doesn’t exist. Sorry about that, but if you navigate to the home page you can see all the fancy new stuff I’ve done since then!]


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