Less lazy than before

Found a book at my library when someone went to return it. It is dated, and a fair amount of it is common sense, but it was interesting for 2 reasons:

One, it was made around the days of when Neverwinter Nights was fresh and new, and so the book is littered with references to Ultimas, Betrayal at Krondor, Wizardry, and all the other famous known WRPGs. It even has a design document from Fallout 1 on an “Underground Vault”. Interesting, because it makes heavy mention to a GURPS’y system and it references skills and so on that aren’t in the final game.

Two, there is a pretty decent section on the theory of worldbuilding and basic mechanics of quests and such that could be pretty applicable to what I’m trying to do. I’ll have to keep this book laying around for a bit…

Heh, the perks of working the library front desk. As soon as someone returns something popular, like say the Blade Runner special edition DVD, I can swipe it and rent it for myself before it even goes back on the shelf. Whee.


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