Changing the scope

A coffee break roguelike is defined as:

* One can jump into the game as is – no reading of manuals, no learning of the keybindings
* The game is simple to learn (but may be hard to master)
* The game focuses on quality of elements instead of quantity
* It may be completed in a time period that would be considered “short” – something like up to a few hours
* A typical gameplay session is below an hour

Given my poor attention-holding abilities, I think if I limit myself to this I might be able to get a more solid game out than trying to plan ahead for 10 million features I may never implement. At the very least the first 3 of those sound like solid philosophies.  ‘Course I’d also have to start actually programming again, heh.


Nope, still alive here.

Been busy and my level of interest has flatlined on this thing. =\ I still get ideas from time to time, but I just dont have the “omg must try this!” urge I’ve had before. Near as I can tell I’ve gotten farther than others, but I’m still nowhere near a gameplay-filled demo. Mainly at this point I’m thinking up ways of managing items/inventory system, and I still want to get somewhere with this thing, I just don’t know when or where that’ll be. >_<

Well, that and replaying Oblivion with some good mods has been fulfilling my RPG/high fantasy needs for now, heh.

Ah well, thanks for listening you 4-6 visitors that stopped by once in a while, even if you probably were spam bots. I might give a monthly update once in a while, and maybe by the summer my interest will peak up again, and who knows? Maybe someday this game might go somewhere.