Nope, still alive here.

Been busy and my level of interest has flatlined on this thing. =\ I still get ideas from time to time, but I just dont have the “omg must try this!” urge I’ve had before. Near as I can tell I’ve gotten farther than others, but I’m still nowhere near a gameplay-filled demo. Mainly at this point I’m thinking up ways of managing items/inventory system, and I still want to get somewhere with this thing, I just don’t know when or where that’ll be. >_<

Well, that and replaying Oblivion with some good mods has been fulfilling my RPG/high fantasy needs for now, heh.

Ah well, thanks for listening you 4-6 visitors that stopped by once in a while, even if you probably were spam bots. I might give a monthly update once in a while, and maybe by the summer my interest will peak up again, and who knows? Maybe someday this game might go somewhere.


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