Well there’s some progress…

Implementing a simpler version of a cfg reader wasnt too complicated, now the wacky part is to make it semi efficient.  Currently I have something that picks a random number, and from that decides which item quality (defined in a cfg) and which item type (also defined in a cfg) and what bodypart it is and calculates some stats for the item as well.

‘Course, I’d also like to minimize how often a ConfigParser object gets made and if I could store the CFG into memory or as an object and work with it that way, it’d be nice.  Except now I have to figure out an efficient way of spitting out all values of a tree with an arbitrary number of branches in order.  Currently it just iteratively loops through the tree with each depth level, making what I think is O(A^n) efficiency, which is a tad too slow methinks.


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