Now what?

Holy free time Batman!  So, this time around I’ll be cleaning up some code and maybe (eventually?) have something playable.  Here’s what’s coming up:

#Change MapOnScreen to Scene class, integrate player into it
#Equipment/item cfg system
#        will need some traversal method
#        –rewrite all file open calls to use cfgParser
#basic Entity AI (IE Objects that do stuff->NPCs and Monsters)
#Monsters/NPC definitions
#combat resolution
#Dialogue system

With that first one primarily done, now time to finish equipment systems.  Python has a handy little module called ConfigParser for handling pseudo cfg style files.  Using this now makes me wonder if it’s necessary or useful to constantly open up the item/race/etc files to read them, or whether I should just store it in memory.  Currently this thing is using up about 21 megs of memory (Python being inefficient, me being inefficient, or par for the course?), so I imagine in an average computer these days a few more megs wouldnt hurt, but still…

And Google shows me how PyRL isn’t very much used.  The only somewhat related term is about a Python module for reinforcement learning, and another about Perl/Python cross compatability.  Makes me wish I could change this blog’s address to something else.  Ah well.  Project Graff it shall continue to be named for now.


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