Hm. Decisions…

So, next version that I will release I plan on having a working (or at least prototyped) inventory system, and likewise a prototype GUI.  Right now I’m working on the GUI, or at least thinking about how things will be planned out.

GUIs are going to be interesting though.  Aside from standard concerns about how to form a GUI that works, I’m going to have to answer a few other questions:

1. Should there be a standard screen size?  Currently I’ve been running with 1024×768.  Some quick testing shows I can definitely adjust the number of tiles placed down, but what about users that would want smaller screens?  Implementing lower (bigger?) res support at this stage isnt that difficult, but more importantly..

2. How much screen real estate should go to the UI?  I normally use 1440×900, and well at 1024×768 that doesnt give me much vertical room.  Horizontal room aplenty, but those combat logs sure will be small if I just add on to the bottom.  Which leads to #3:

3. Use nonstandard resolutions?  I could probably fit the essentials by adding a 100 pixel block to the side of the screen and put the rest on the actual gamemap region.  But then if someone wants to play the game in fullscreen mode, well they’re going to run into some issues with that if they are on an LCD monitor.

4. How should I handle resolution changes?  Right now I’m thinking of just cutting off some of the displayed tiles to maintain 32×32 size, but for all I know the RL community all plays these things on screens that go up to 320×240, in which case seeing all of 4 tiles will significantly affect AI and pathing if I go through with how I’m planning on working it, let alone player experience.

And one last question:

0.5. Scrolling?  Another thing I’m wondering is whether or not I should make this game always recenter the player to the screen’s middle.  I can do it right now just by changin boundary conditions for when the game recenters the view, but it comes at a slight (speed) cost if the player holds down a direction key.  Now a past change to the code made this particular part of the game 80% faster, but still.  Id like this game to be as fast as humanly possible in terms of performance.

Heh, maybe that means I should actually start advertising this thing so I can ask these questions to more people than just myself.  Speaking of which, you 4 fellas that are stopping by this site, leave a comment or two!  This blog is lonely.


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