Another day, another line of code.

You know how you plan to do something, you stare at it for a while, one thing leads to another and fives hours have passed and the only thing you’ve accomplished is gotten 30 more tabs of TvTrops open when you were just trying to look up fantasy cliches in equipment?


Quick sidenote: WordPress wiped out a section of this post, I’ll try to rewrite it as well as I can remember in my sleepy state of mind.

Okay so what my current plan is, is to have some sort of .ini or config file that defines all the armor types, in that there’s a section for location, armor material, and armor quality.  There are 4 locations, 8 materials, and 5 different qualities.  The problem I ran into, was that that leads to a lot of copy and pasting, and in terms of pure data that the game needs to track, most of it is single integer values.
This got me thinking to see if there’s some way to simplify it. Currently, material type, equip location, and quality are all that is really needed for statistical and equipment calculations: Simply apply some formula to the index values to calculate weight, defense, value, or whatever. So like in terms of purchase price in the game, a set of gloves has a base cost of 1. Then armor 2 has an index of 2, lets say that’s just added onto the value, and lets say the modifier is a multiplier. In that case, a pair of superior “armor 2” gloves has a total value of (1+2)*5, or 15 units. A similar idea could be applied to weight, or any other statistic.

now that’s all fine and good, but applying that to player.png and the visual display of such information…well, trying to grab a set of 4 coordinates from those index values COULD in theory be found, but that would be complicated.  Cue flipping back to learning about more cliches to try to avoid or drive into the ground.

That then led to my next thought–how important is it really to display player information on the actual screen beyond having a page list out what is equipped? That is, should I make it so that if you equip a pair of gloves, your character on the screen’s hands change colors? Or do I do it the way most other roguelike’s seem to go and they have default “player” pictures and you’re stuck with that same image throughout the game? On the one hand visual feedback is nice, on the other hand it could end up that anyone who plays this game (when the “game” part actually takes shape) ends up looking like a power ranger, except with less color coordination.

After asking one forum, those that have responded thus far seemed to not show much interest in the idea of seeing what the player equips on the screen, probably because roguelike players are instead used to seeing “@” as their player character. I’m probably going to scrap the “show the pants the player puts on visually” idea and go with premade player tiles at this rate; at the very least it means I can cut down on external config files and just keep it all in Python.


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