Now without print statements!


It’s not the prettiest thing in the world, but it is functional. 😀

Wow, talk about a strange glitch. So I’m trying to discover why my game won’t recenter the view with the missing couple of rows of tiles factored in–currently you can get to the bottom fifth row or so before you move into the text window and the game poops out. I disabled the parts where the generate_View() command limits the topleft coords to draw from, and surprise: I used python lists that can be addressed with negative indices, as a result, the game takes the negative indices and assumes that that value is what that tile should be (instead of just..not existing), and so the result is that when you move to the topright, you can enter mirrored versions of the generated maps. That definitely gave me some interesting ideas to play with, but man that is strange.

little update: remember to make sure which is xlim and which is ylim kids. -_-; Oh well, now to figure out how to get a nice UI.


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