When bored, make tiles.

New tilesets

Or try, anyway. Nothing really noteworthy about this as it’s just a few tiles, but I can comment that making a 32×32 square with enough details to clearly show what it is you’re looking at AND making it fit within a visual style is difficult, and I’m not fully certain I even accomplished this with these tiles.

Now one easy way to cheat that is to make more tiles. Case in point, the grass. There’s really a 3×3 grid of 32×32 sized tiles being blitted repeatedly, and it essentially works by giving each tile a value of 0-8 and translating that number into an XY offset of where to pick up the rest of the pattern, and then when it blits said tile, before it does that it checks to see if it’s supposed to do that–ie, don’t offset when it’s a wall or floor or what have you.

Other thing is that I’m no longer using that 1.2MB png to load up all 8-9 pictures and instead am using a sheet that has only the ones I’m using on it. Yay.


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