0.0.4 Release

We have liftoff!

I now have a working pseudo-GUI in this release. This one has a fairly lengthy list of changes.  Also, all screenshots have been migrated over to this site.  Check the tab up top.

Full changelog:

Code has been expanded out:
-Trees are now considered Entity objects (which will soon branch into moving creatures, hopefully), although they are not yet spread around grass as random noise.
-A working text window is there
-All print statements are handled through this window
-Going along with this, implemented text usage with Liberation open fonts (https://www.redhat.com/promo/fonts/).
-Though you cannot see it, a framework for player equipment is there.
-Collision detection has been solidified with a new Tile object property “blocking”
Graphical/Tile related:
-The environment tileset has been pared way down to the tiles that are actually used in this thing.
-Grass is not as ugly and repeats in 3×3 patterns instead of 1×1, independent of map generation.
-Outdated files in subfolders have been removed


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