Still alive here.

For the time being, that is, what with college looming and all. Got a fancy title screen implemented in Graff, and by fancy, I mean it’s a plain blank page with the text “[S]tart [K]eybinding [Q]uit” on it. I’m thinking eventually I’ll try to make up some little ascii art thing to give the title page something worth looking at, but what’s somewhat more important about the title page is now… I have a title screen!

As a person mentioned to me, on a laptop you can’t really use this thing because of a lack of a numpad. I’ve rectified that now by setting it up so that, before the program runs, you can press K at which point it’ll run through the 10 or so keys to bind. Once you’re done, you can press S to go right into the main game, using those newly bound keys. In addition I’ve made it so the keys are saved to a file via ConfigParser–as a result, technically it is human-readable, though keys are listed as numbers (up = 97, etc). The idea is that when I feel the need to create an options menu, one could either edit the options in the game, or they can pull up the .ini and play with the options there, too.

Funny thing, too. Raw python seems to not have a way of capturing numpad inputs (and differentiate them from the regular keyboard keys), at least with the raw_input() method. That tripped me up for a bit since I was hoping to implement this title screen in the terminal, but no big deal. There’s probably a package somewhere that fixes this, but the fewer external dependencies I have, the better.

My list tells me that the next things I’ll be working on will be inventory systems. Following that, NPCs and shops. Fun fun. I should probably toy with equipment first, though. If I remember right my armor system needed to be retooled a bit.


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