And now for something different.

I definitely haven’t had the time to work in anything into the code lately due to some rather..distracting health issues that should be resolved soon, and with classes starting in a week my free time will soon disappear; this and a few other things mean my interest is again waning on turning Graff from “generic project” to “original game”.

That said, I plan on still making some posts about some things. I mentioned before about trying to encapsulate some features in a self-contained “bubble” that could then be inserted into Graff as a whole at a later date–I’ve talked enough of dialogue systems, and I’ve got an idea I’m currently kicking around my head to work on some new map algorithms that could be done in this way, as well as a few other ideas I might try. What I’ve got noted down as things I should be working on don’t seem like things I could encapsulate all that well, so what I have planned for the next update probably won’t look anything like what I actually put up, but either way, if anything comes of it, I’ll be posting about it. 🙂


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