Release here!

This’ll probably be the last update for a few weeks. Trying to go back to Python after spending a few weeks of working with C++ feels so..different. I might switch this project over to C++ if I get equated well enough with it, or maybe I’ll just start working on a C++ project instead and keep this around too. Busy busy busy. Either way, more activity will come in December or so.

The only glitch I’ve noticed with this release is the minimap is a little screwy. I know why it doesn’t work, but if I hold off on this until I fix it, it’ll be even longer before this post comes up.

   Added a (barebones) title screen.
   Custom keybindings via title screen.
   Added “Key” py file and an ini file for manual editing if need be.
   Digging function cleaned up somewhat.
   Integrated new map generator.
      A fully glitch-free version is finished, I just need to update it.
   Changed scrolling/grass behaviors for more natural movement.
   Automatic screenshots placed in the Screenshots directory. Use the SCROLL LOCK key.

Additionally on that page under Misc, I’ve added in a dialog.py / dialog.txt file to show how my dialogue system will hopefully work. Run it through the terminal


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