Rebuild incoming…

Code’s been moved over to Use TortoiseSVN to download the code. For now, Windows only.

I’ll be rebuilding this in C with allegro, and things are now moving quite a bit faster as I’ve already done a good chunk of this before. One significant halt on my development is that pygame (and SDL) use an event queue to handle keyboard inputs. Allegro handles input in a brute-force kind of way, sort of like a while(c = getchar() ) type of system, plus some flags that tell you when keys are pressed or not. I’ve got a rough idea of how to go about fixing that, and for now I’m happy with what I’ve got.

Time is a completely different matter. If anyone uses microcontrollers, time systems in allegro are handled like an interrupt. Every Xth time increment, a special function you write gets called that you can use to manipulate time.

What changes will come? Gameplay-wise, things are going to be partially turn-based – basically an evolution of moving this thing into real-time, without it being too different from the standard fare. There’s going to be some hand-built maps, and I’ll try porting in my old python level generators into this current project. I’ve already got a worldmap generator that suits my purposes.

Time-wise, I’m going to try to do short stabs at the code throughout the semester, and see how that goes.

I’d write a post about the level generator, but it’s just an application of the diamond-square algorithm. This explains it pretty simply especially the picture:

Why C? I spent a summer playing with C, and in theory I can write code that runs faster/more efficiently, as I have a decent idea of how C operates ‘under the hood’, rather than python.


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